Thursday, July 3, 2008

Indie...pendence Day!

I love it when Thursday is like Friday and there's an extra day thrown into the weekend. Well, I'd like it even better if there were TWO extra days thrown in, but lowly workbees can't complain!

Independence Day weekend has officially started... well, the start has been pretty anti-climatic. After racing to get out of the office and to the grocery store before 5:00 (traffic at the start of a holiday weekend is never good...) I realized I didn't have the list for a brunch dish. I guessed what I needed. And after spending over $100, I got home and realized I had nothing to eat for dinner. Then I realized I left the Mike's Hard Lemonade on the bottom of the cart in the parking lot. I was looking forward to the Limeade tonight. And since it's been abandoned in the parking lot, I REALLY want it. sigh. I even watched the bagger put it down below and thought to myself 'I never put stuff below because I forget it.' Apparently I needed to prove that point.

Fortunately I can go get a replacement tomorrow by showing my receipt... the clerk laughed (and yes, I think it was AT me) and said 'happens all the time.' at least I have company in my stupidity.
The Indie reference is because I love this art work at my friend E's house... I really love it. It's painting and collage on an old cabinet door, complete with rusty hinge. When I get my act together I want to try to do something similar...

Miserable photos because I only had my camera phone with me, but I love the different textures and colors... it was a bday gift from her mom and the quote at the bottom says "we raise our girls to reach for the sky... but sometimes it's really just about the dress"

Amongst the holiday festivities (2 bbq, 1 brunch), I hope to clean the house and make progress on the craft room so I can actually start using it!

Bailey says: Momma, you didn't tell me the pillows were such fun!

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