Monday, February 18, 2008


I can't help it.
I want to finish Widdershins. and Monkey Socks. And Jaywalkers. and Clapotis. and Icarus.

But I can't resist... must work with Geisha. BMFA Geisha... Rooster Rock colorway.
BIG yarncake... gonna start swatching for the Voyager Stole.
BMFA Geisha YarnCake

(and I HATE swatching!)

Bailey is a much happier camper today. His collar is gone AND his quarantine is over! After a much anticipated walk thru the neighborhood, he kept me company while I worked all afternoon.
Feb 18 2008-Day49

The warm lap was nice, but it did make typing a bit difficult at times!

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I was supposed to work on a presentation for work today... Instead I had brunch at a friend's, had a long catch-up chat with K, went to the fabric store and cast-on the Unbiased Bag with yarn made from recycled Sari silk... it's been a good day!


I did a couple of productive things... bought paint to re-paint a bookcase that I'm moving from the garage into my studio room (tomorrow I'll actually start painting), and I finally took down my Christmas wreath... but truthfully, I did that because I needed a photo for the Flickr 365 Days of self-portaits. Here's my 365 Days Photo Set - it's been a fun project although I'm not very creative with my photos. I still need to learn to use my new camera so most of these are with my point 'n shoot.

Bailey's leg is healing and the bandages are off, but the vet says another couple of weeks without running and jumping. Not easy when the squirrells come into his yard! To keep him from licking a couple of sore spots (from the adhesive) he's now in a collar and is so confused by it. He's expending pent up energy with his mini-tennis ball... he sees it thru the clear collar, but can't actually get to it so keeps batting it around as he tries to get it. Self-entertainment at it's finest (if only he weren't racing around so much!) But hopefully it will mean for a sleep-ful night!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Twin Knits

Finally finished the sweaters for the twins... One came home yesterday, but his brother will probably be in the hospital for another week. All are doing well though! Unfortunately these will have to be mailed instead of delivered in person since I didn't get to FL this weekend... but hopefully I'll get to see the boys by the time they're able to wear these. And with all the AC there - I think sweaters will still get some good use. Particularly those with a little cashmere, right?!

Baby Raglans for S&S

And since the new daddy is a golf pro, I also made a few burp cloths. Triple-layered flannel with an extra top-stitch to keep them neat.

Happy Knitting!


And Bailey says "Momma, when can we go play fetch?"


Saturday, February 9, 2008

What a week!

I've been away from blog-world for a while... and although some knitting & other project progress has been going on, Bailey has kept me a bit pre-occupied. His first 10 days went very well - expected adjustments to new environment and new people, but he's clearly a smart one and just shy, scared of new things. We have found that his favorite game of fetch creates so much excitment that he forgets he's afraid of you!

This past week has been a bit more challenging... reaction to vaccines got his system and body clock out of whack and he was getting more and more stressed in his crate. I was supposed to go to FL this weekend for a family event and he was going to stay with friends (he knows them and has spent time at their house already). However, he's a recap of the last 24 hours!

7:30pm Thurs - took Bailey to L&B's who were going to look after him while I was gone.
9:00pm - check in... he was a bit frantic looking for me when I left, but had calmed down and was ok with B.
11:15pm - L calls me. B had taken Bailey to the backyard before bedtime and he got out under the fence. I went over and walked/called hoping he'd hear my voice, but no luck. Finally went to be at 2am

4:30am I get up (cab was going to arrive at 5:15) I cancel my flight for Fri am and get one for Sat am.
6:45 - I head back over to L's and go thru neighborhood again. We call animal services.
11am - I go to animal services, fill in lost dog form, etc.
2pm - get a call from my vet saying that animal services had him, but my HomeAgain chip hadn't been processed so they could only track it to where the chip was sold... so I connect with animal services. He was found at a school or church about 2 blocks from L's house (but oppostive direction he had run in). Unfortunately, he bit the person who tried to pick him up, so although he has his rabies paperwork, he has to be quarantined for 10 days.

Since he hadn't escaped from my yard, they sent someone over to verify that my yard is secure and he can serve his 'time' at home instead of animal services. Once they cleared that, I could go get him. But also... he may have hurt his leg. They couldn't tell if it was something in his paw, or more than that.

3:40 I leave to go get him... takes a while, but finally get paperwork done. Go get him and he's beyond exhausted, dehydrated and won't put weight on his left, rear leg.
4:30 leave animal services and get to vet's at 5:00.
6:50 leave vets. 3 sets of Xrays, hydration, pain meds and I can't remember what else... he has a slight fracture in his tibia. Vet didn't want to splint because of all he's been through, so he's got a 'thigh-high' bandage.

I asked if he had valium for both of us!
7:30 finally home & I cancel flight to FL
8:00 we're both done in

Feb 8 2008-Day39

Back to the knitting posts...