Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Twin Knits

Finally finished the sweaters for the twins... One came home yesterday, but his brother will probably be in the hospital for another week. All are doing well though! Unfortunately these will have to be mailed instead of delivered in person since I didn't get to FL this weekend... but hopefully I'll get to see the boys by the time they're able to wear these. And with all the AC there - I think sweaters will still get some good use. Particularly those with a little cashmere, right?!

Baby Raglans for S&S

And since the new daddy is a golf pro, I also made a few burp cloths. Triple-layered flannel with an extra top-stitch to keep them neat.

Happy Knitting!


And Bailey says "Momma, when can we go play fetch?"


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Kristin Saegaert said...

the sweaters are beautiful! Hope the boys are together soon! And I love the pigs of Bailey!!!!! He' a so cuddly!!!! Sorry about his mishap and your foiled plans!