Friday, February 26, 2010

Stitches 2010

Took a much-needed day off today and spent it at the annual homage to yarndom - Stitches West Market. I had contemplated signing up for classes, but turns out that my procrastination was a good thing. Not only were the interesting classes sold out, but I've developed tendonitis in my left thumb/wrist. My brace for immobilization would have made a class worthless.

I did however remain optimistic that I will heal and made a few purchases:
Stitches 2010

The marled yarn on the left is for a sweater for me. Well it was... only when I impulsively switched colors before I paid, I switched yarns and now have the wrong gauge. So will be finding a new project for this one!

The blue Vintage is for the Pembroke vest for my 18 month old nephew.
The Colrain on the right is for a vest pattern I found... green for my mom and burgundy for me!
Now just to wait 'til I can actually cast on...


Monday, February 22, 2010

How to Finally Find Your Purpose!

Apparently all you need to do is watch Oprah. She sent an email and told me so.

No wonder the world is a mess... we didn't know that she held all truth and divine inspiration.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Helloooooo..... am I here?

Hmmm.... life got away from me and blogging.

I thought about scrapping it all, but decided to give it another shot. I love reading blogs and the amazing virtual community they create. So... here we go again! Ironically, I realized that my last post was of Stitchs 2009... and a week from today I'll be at Stitches again. So instead of belaboring a year of no posting, Stitches will be my oh-so-worthy bookends of a hiatus!

2009 was a bit nutty... after selling my house in whirlwind fashion, Bailey and I "temporarily" stayed with dear friends, who I'm grateful to still call dear friends after what turned into six months 'between houses.' But it was worth the wait for the right place and I love the new house and neighborhood... we're walking distance to a small downtown area with coffee shops, great food and cute shops.


I'll skip all the work that I've done & had done... a few small projects still to do, but Bailey and I are most happy in our new home.

And there's been lots of knitting (will save pictures for later. maybe.) many long hours of working (nothing photo-worthy!) and countless other things that may or may not have been blog-worthy, but will look foward in 2010 instead of looking back to catch up.

Happy Everything -

Bailey says: Momma, I know you think these are your socks and I'll pretend that I think they're yours, but just so you know, they're really mine!