Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bookworm MeMe

It's Wednesday, but since I was off from work yesterday, it FEELS like Monday so here's another Monday MeMe... for Bookworms!

This one wasn't quite as quick as some of the others, and it was a bit depressing for me - I love reading, but don't read much these days and I do miss it. By the time I'm in a spot to read, I'm generally so tired/braindead that I have no interest or ability to read anything that requires so much as a single brain cell... Nonetheless, here's my Bookworm/Bookshelf MeMe!

1. One book that made you laugh: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever - a incredibly funny story about a Christmas Pageant headed for disaster, but a very sweet perspective on the real Christmas story.

2. One book that made you cry: I Heard the Owl Call My Name... this was a high-school English class book that I loved. But I had missed the preface which indicated the protagonist was terminally ill so when he died I wasn't prepared as the author intended. Lots of books (and everything else) make me cry, but that is the most memorable.

3. One book that you loved as a child: The Bobbsey Twins! I LOVED these books. Monday nights my mom and I would ride our bikes to the library and I was allowed to check out 10 books. But only 2 of them could be Bobbsey Twins. As an adult I've now collected every one in the editions I read as a child.

4. One book you’ve read more than once: Pride & Prejudice - so many to list for this one, but my book club is reading P&P right now so it's top of mind.

5. One book you loved, but were embarrassed to admit it: Chick-Lit - can't think of a title I liked off hand though.

6. One book you hated: The Alchemist. Not a fan of this genre at all.

7. One book that scared you: Personal Finance for Dummies. Seriously - the women in my family tree have really strong longevity genes.

8. One book that bored you: Nathaniel's Nutmeg (is sounded really interesting about the development of the spice trade, but BORING. I couldn't bring myself to finish it!)

9. One book that made you happy: Lonely Planet guides because if I'm reading one, I'm going on a trip somewhere!

10. One book that made you miserable: can't think of anything... I wouldn't read/finish something that made me miserable...

11. One book that you weren’t brave enough to read: Russian Literature

12. One book character you’ve fallen in love with: Mr. Darcy (see above)

13. The last book you read: Pride & Prejudice (see above)

14. The next book you hope to read: Fear No Evil has been on my bookshelf for a long time... biography of an imprisoned Russian Jew, Natan Sharansky. But frankly I'm more likely to be delving into the backlogged stack of knitting/sewing/crafting magazines for my bedtime perusing.

This was fun! What's on your bookshelf?

Happy Reading!
- JavaNut

Bailey says: I'm not sure I'll like Jane Austen as much as you do, but I'll give her a chance...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I am Lizzie!!!

Recently Purls Just Wanna Have Fun posted this Jane Austin quiz on her blog and since my book club is reading Pride & Prejudice this month I thought it was timely and would be fun. I was thrilled to be matched to my favorite Elizabeth Bennett! (my favorite varies with whatever I'm reading/watching of course...).

"You are Elizabeth Bennet of Pride and Prejudice. You are intelligent, witty and tremendously attractive. You have a good head on your shoulders, and oftentimes find yourself the lone beacon of reason in a sea of ridiculousness. You take great pleasure in many things. You are proficient in nearly all of them, though you will never own it. Lest you seem too perfect, you have a tendency toward prejudgment that serves you very ill indeed."

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

Take the Quiz here!

While dreaming of Mr. Darcy (and only Colin Firth will do!), I've been working on a super-fun bag called the KISS purse... to the avoidance of what I should be knitting (like a baby gift) and getting ready for house guests (who needs clean sheets??)! But I'm almost done with the fun part, so I'll put aside the bottom and finishing for a bit. Doesn't it look great? The multi-color yarn was a prize so I don't remember anything about it... but I did a test swatch to make sure it would felt well with the Lamb's Pride.
Happy Knitting (and dreaming of Darcy!)
- JavaNut
Bailey says: Look, I finally figured out how to keep my ball from going under the furniture!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Give Me Five...

After too many car-issues this weekend, my creativity and thinking skills are a bit low this morning which means it's time for Monday Meme!! Today's Monday-MeMe is Give Me Five (although this is last week's since she hasn't posted yet today!)

Give me Five Things you haven't done in a long time and would like to do again:

1. Take a vacation. I can't remember the last 'real' vacation I've had... for the last several years, all my vacation time/budget has been going to visit family on the east coast, or trips to Romania for conferences. And although I've LOVED every trip there and the people I've met, it's certainly not a real vacation... so other than a few long weekends... Where should I go???

2. Host a dinner party. or even a bbq, but just having people over for good food (well, hopefully), good wine (for sure!) and good company!

3. Get a massage. It's an expensive treat, but I even have a gift certificate so no excuses whatsoever!!! I have been thinking about taking my 4 closest friends to a massage/spa for my bday in the fall. Perhaps I need to 'test' a few different places before then ; )

4. Purge closets and general house stuff. I'm long overdue to purge thru stuff and throw things away/donate. It always seems like such a time-consuming and un-fun task, but once I get started it's great and I love getting rid of it all.

5. Go on a date. 'nuff said.

Have a great Monday!

Bailey says: Momma, I love my kong... But would you put a treat inside? Puh-leeese?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Free Mitts pattern... a gift to give!

For any knitters... Free Mitten pattern on Melanie Falick's blog.

They make a request if you download the pattern - that you knit a pair to give to someone in need. A warm-hearted idea for the cold months ahead!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Survived the 70th...

Mom had a great day to celebrate her 70th... her mother and sister joined us for the weekend - and although we did the requisite plethora of posed family portraits, this is my favorite! I love the expression of 'what? I'm 70??' on her face!
Lots of dining out and presents... and now back to the mundane reality. I'm staying here until Wednesday, but will be spending a fair amount of time 'at work.' But, it's nice to have the extended visit and work thru the ever-growing "list."
Meanwhile, Bailey is still enjoying camp with L & B:
Sorry I haven't written in a few days. Time goes by so fast at camp. Where should I begin? On Friday eve we went to visit the T&O. It was cool to get to go someplace different with L and B. B drove and I rode in L's lap. At first they thought I would like to lie down on the back seat but they were wrong. L even thought that maybe I would be comfortable lying at her feet in the front seat but - WRONG AGAIN!
Once we got there it was okay, not very exciting, except for the napkin that L dropped under the table. Do you know how many little strips of wet goop you can make from one napkin? You should try it sometime. After dinner they sat around talking but when they finished it was time to watch a movie and play with Squeek. They really liked the movie and I really liked Squeek but they really didn't like Squeek. So then L played a new game with Squeek and me. I'm not sure who won but I had a blast playing. I really couldn't read L as to whether or not she was playing. Here's what we did. First, L put Squeek up on the table so I wouldn't make so much noise (the game hasn't started yet) but I just raced and raced and raced around that little house. So B thought giving me back Squeek was a better idea but obviously he didn't think right because L took Squeek away from me again. Here's where the game began (I think). L took Squeek and tucked him behind her back on the couch. I pounced on her and tried to wriggle my way to Squeek. I tried several different forms of attack. I tried sitting very still and then using the element of surprise and pouncing up in the air, I landed with my nose between her arm and the couch. Then I tried jumping off the couch and jumping back on again then doing a flying leap into her lap. I did this several times in a row. I was amazing even myself! Sometimes L was able to counterattack when I was in the air! Then I did my sneakiest move ever! I got off the couch and very nonchalantly walked around the coffee table so I was facing L. I just sat there letting her think I was dreaming about something else - and then - I didn't even know I had this ability - I sprung up in the air and belly flopped onto her chest with my face 1 inch away from hers. I think I"ll call it my Garfield move. Well, I lost the game completely but I had a good time. Then we went home and went to bed.
On Saturday we went out for another walk around the park. Man, there are a lot of dogs around here. There was one really cool one I wanted to say hello to but he was rather stuck up so we just moved along. Then there was this giant dog, at least L said he was a dog, and you would have thought I was the scariest thing he had ever seen. We did a few social sniffs but that was all.
The coolest thing I have to tell you is about another new thing I have learned. You remember I told you about the wall in the backyard? Well, there is an even higher wall on the long part of the backyard. You may not have seen it because it is hiding behind some green stuff and there are those prickly flowers in front of it. It is a really high wall! You must also remember how I told you L is not going to win any records playing frisbee? She kept throwing the frisbee into the green stuff behind the big wall. I don't think she was doing this on purpose given the tone of her voice when she was talking to herself but it kept happening and she kept having to come and get it down. Then one time, I guess I just lost my head and couldn't wait for her to get my frisbee and I went flying in the air, up over the wall, and landed in that soft green stuff. It took me a little bit to find the frisbee but L was so glad that I could get it myself. She kept telling me how good of a dog I was. It was really cool because it felt like I was flying!
I'm also getting really good at sitting at the corner without even being told - mostly - when we go for walks.
We had two little girls spend the night last night and they were okay but they did take time away from my time with L and B. But Mom, I behaved myself. Okay, I was a little annoying and squirrelly about it but I kept my paws to myself and played nicely. Okay, Okay, Okay, to tell the truth, I ate the feet off of a little hard bear!!! Well, he deserved it! He shouldn't have been lying on the floor all by himself. I tried to tell him to go home, his mother was probably looking for him but he just kept putting his feet in my mouth and I could hardly talk! sorry

Now it is Sunday afternoon. L took a nap because one of those little girls woke up every 1 1/2 - 2 hours. I guess she just wanted to talk a little but it woke L up and she had to go and check on her. I stayed with B but I was so concerned about L. I could hardly sit still. Finally it was time for B to get her up and he let me wake her up! Bomber Bailey to the rescue! B told L it was the first time I had been still since she went to take a nap. Now I am going to take a rest when I finish at the computer.
It has been a long 4 days without you but they have been good ones. I miss you horribly Momma. Camp is okay but I don't know how dogs can go to camp for even longer periods of time. Don't their Momma's want to take them with them? I am so glad that I have you for my Momma. When you come home I will show you all the cool stuff I can do. You will think I am amaaaaaaaaaaazing. L and B say hi. I'm glad grandmother liked her present. If they ever need to be cleaned tell her I would be glad to lick them clean.
Bye for now,
Your Bailey

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Letters from Bailey...

While I'm visiting family in FL, Bailey is staying w/ my friends L&B (bless them!!!). He's a bit of a 'momma's boy' so I was nervous that he would drive them crazy with anxious behavior, however he seems to be surviving his week at camp and has been writing every day...

Today is Mom's 70th bday so a day of celebrating ahead!!

Happy Saturday!
- JavaNut

Day 1:

After you left last night I ran all around the house checking things out. After I did that, I started looking all over for you! I went through every room over and over but no you. I was pretty forlorn but then L picked me up and put me in her lap. I snuggled for the rest of the evening. B took me out several times before bed because I kept ringing the bell. He said I didn't have to go but L made him take me anyway. Finally, just to let L be right (this time) I peed.

I slept okay. Didn't even wake them up early. I went through my normal routine and we went for a walk around the park. You wouldn't believe all the different smells! I met one dog just about my size but she was ancient! Maybe 9yrs old. You know what that means - 63 yrs old! I was surprised she could even walk. Hee Hee.

When we got back I found the perfect resting place. I curled up on one of the stairs where I could keep an eye on the goings and comings of the neighborhood and dozed. Now L is in her office and I'm resting on the pillow from home just outside her door.

Camp is pretty fun.(They did, however, forget to get "Squeak" out of the bag this morning. I looked all over and then L remembered to get him out. I guess they can't remember everything.)

I'll write more later.

xoxo Bailey

Day 2:
You know that wall B and L have in their backyard? The one at the end where there are things hiding behind it before you run into the fence? Well, guess what!? I CAN JUMP OVER IT AND BACK OUT AGAIN!

I don't really know how it all happened, it happened so fast. I was chasing my frisbee and it went over the stone wall. L came and got it out for me. But then it happened again, (L isn't really all the accurate when she throws the frisbee like you are Mom), and I was chasing it when it was in the air when it went over the wall and I just sailed over the wall and got my frisbee and then before I knew what happened I was back out on the other side of the wall in the grass again! It was amazing!

So then I had to do it again and again and it was so cool. I can't wait to show B when he comes home. We had a visitor at the camp playground this afternoon. (It's rest time and I'm suppose to be resting but I have so much to tell you). It was a dog named Carley and she was so stuck-up. She must have thought she was a people who didn't like dogs because she sure didn't like me. She growled and didn't behave so she had to stay out on the hot porch while L and her guest and ME chatted in the cool of the house. Not only that, but I was snuggling on L's lap. It didn't really hurt my feelings that she didn't like me because I know I am cute, even Carley's master said so! So there! Take that you old Carley dog! Not only that Mom, but she wasn't even all that cute. Is that wrong to say?

Just before rest time L and I went out for a short walk. She's nice but she's kind of strict about what she lets me eat when we are on a walk. Some of the best smelling things she pulls me away from. I suppose you told her to do that?

Okay, I gotta go before someone notices that I'm not resting on my pillow. I love you lots. This is a good place to be but I still like home best. Lick Grammy for me and hurry home.

Love, Bailey