Saturday, August 2, 2008

Letters from Bailey...

While I'm visiting family in FL, Bailey is staying w/ my friends L&B (bless them!!!). He's a bit of a 'momma's boy' so I was nervous that he would drive them crazy with anxious behavior, however he seems to be surviving his week at camp and has been writing every day...

Today is Mom's 70th bday so a day of celebrating ahead!!

Happy Saturday!
- JavaNut

Day 1:

After you left last night I ran all around the house checking things out. After I did that, I started looking all over for you! I went through every room over and over but no you. I was pretty forlorn but then L picked me up and put me in her lap. I snuggled for the rest of the evening. B took me out several times before bed because I kept ringing the bell. He said I didn't have to go but L made him take me anyway. Finally, just to let L be right (this time) I peed.

I slept okay. Didn't even wake them up early. I went through my normal routine and we went for a walk around the park. You wouldn't believe all the different smells! I met one dog just about my size but she was ancient! Maybe 9yrs old. You know what that means - 63 yrs old! I was surprised she could even walk. Hee Hee.

When we got back I found the perfect resting place. I curled up on one of the stairs where I could keep an eye on the goings and comings of the neighborhood and dozed. Now L is in her office and I'm resting on the pillow from home just outside her door.

Camp is pretty fun.(They did, however, forget to get "Squeak" out of the bag this morning. I looked all over and then L remembered to get him out. I guess they can't remember everything.)

I'll write more later.

xoxo Bailey

Day 2:
You know that wall B and L have in their backyard? The one at the end where there are things hiding behind it before you run into the fence? Well, guess what!? I CAN JUMP OVER IT AND BACK OUT AGAIN!

I don't really know how it all happened, it happened so fast. I was chasing my frisbee and it went over the stone wall. L came and got it out for me. But then it happened again, (L isn't really all the accurate when she throws the frisbee like you are Mom), and I was chasing it when it was in the air when it went over the wall and I just sailed over the wall and got my frisbee and then before I knew what happened I was back out on the other side of the wall in the grass again! It was amazing!

So then I had to do it again and again and it was so cool. I can't wait to show B when he comes home. We had a visitor at the camp playground this afternoon. (It's rest time and I'm suppose to be resting but I have so much to tell you). It was a dog named Carley and she was so stuck-up. She must have thought she was a people who didn't like dogs because she sure didn't like me. She growled and didn't behave so she had to stay out on the hot porch while L and her guest and ME chatted in the cool of the house. Not only that, but I was snuggling on L's lap. It didn't really hurt my feelings that she didn't like me because I know I am cute, even Carley's master said so! So there! Take that you old Carley dog! Not only that Mom, but she wasn't even all that cute. Is that wrong to say?

Just before rest time L and I went out for a short walk. She's nice but she's kind of strict about what she lets me eat when we are on a walk. Some of the best smelling things she pulls me away from. I suppose you told her to do that?

Okay, I gotta go before someone notices that I'm not resting on my pillow. I love you lots. This is a good place to be but I still like home best. Lick Grammy for me and hurry home.

Love, Bailey

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