Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blah-day, blah-day

Still no knitting or other fun pursuits to share... not for lack of desire, but with allergies hitting me hard I've had little energy and way too much to do for work. I did score some great vintage (aka thrift store) linens over the weekend though... ever since reading about Artsy-Crafty Babe's penchant for linens from thrift stores, I keep my eyes open. And when there was a quilt backed with a 'vintage' sheet on Old Red Barn Co, it was an ah-ha of brillance.

Soon after I found all these: The Laura Ashley Roses set, yep - the whole set, will be GREAT for a quilt back (I'm thinking to go with a denim front made from old, worn jeans)... and also the green duvet cover (great yardage!). The neutral swirls will probably be bag linings, as will the others (the pink & white is a valance and the turquoise is a pillow sham).

I have had a "secret" knitting project - something I'm test knitting so nothing to share. What I can share is that I was a total idiot... I was determined to finish it over the weekend so I could get on to my own projects (and this is a small little thing to test). So I'm knitting away (it is on small needles), row after row (and thin yarn). I finally get to the last section and my stitches are WAY off. At first I think 'wow, glad I found this mistake' - which of course means that the mistake is in the pattern... right? can you guess where this is headed??? No, the pattern was fine... I had just completely skipped a small, but oh-so-important section. sigh... frogged back to that point and will resume my testing next weekend. Kinda made me feel like the Yarn Harlot! and incredibly grateful that my screw up was on a much smaller item...

Happy Everything!
- JavaNut

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