Wednesday, July 23, 2008


No knitting or other crafty pursuits the past few days... hard to believe and is disturbing to even type it. But I did start to organize my studio (that just sounds so much better than craft room!). If I call it a studio, does that mean my work is automatically better? less amateur? Of course I forgot to take the 'before' picture...

Along with the 'organize the studio' and workspace, I have a growing list of things I want to make or techniques I want to try. Since I'm not feeling all that creative today, here's a random sampling

Espresso Art... how cool does that sound??

Tutorial to sew a cover for your passport! Make your own fabric labels from printable fabric... and make your own cutting table (which would be a great general work table for all sorts of things)

And for those that pack lunches (or at least intend to), a eco-minded sandwich wrapper

Dyeing yarn has been on my list for a while... here's a food coloring tutorial.

And this Seascape Wrap is high on my knitting queue... and would be a good project for the Water theme of Project Spectrum.... which I FINALLY joined and will start with the water theme next month (blue, purple, black). Project Spectrum (such a cool idea!) may also be my entre into ATCs - a concept I love, is totally me and yet... I've never done!

Okay... I've got to stop looking at all these fun things and get back to work!

Happy Creating!

Bailey says: Look Momma! See my meerkat impersonation!!
bailey the meerkat

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Kristin Saegaert said...

Blue, purple, and black - so YOU! I'd love to see your wrap when complete!