Sunday, July 20, 2008

Already evening...

I can't believe it's already after 9:00pm! I had all these things I was going to get done today... ha!
I guess the inadvertent-procrastination theme actually started this morning... the service times changed at church for the summer (trial to see if we can get down to 2 services) so instead of 9:45, "my" service starts at 10:30am. Now 10:30 seems really late, and that I have all this time in the morning to relax or get things done... or whatever. But if you do the math -it's really only 45 minutes. Less than an hour. So far I've been late 2 out of 3 weeks...

And as for the intended afternoon's activity... I must confess to supply acquisition instead of organization! My goal is to have some before & after photos of my studio (aka craft room) before I leave to visit my family in 10 days.

Now off to at least get some knitting in so I can 'produce' something for the day!

Bailey says: I'm too tired to actually get my legs on the floor...

Have a great end to the weekend!
- JavaNut

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