Friday, July 18, 2008

But Mummy, I CAN knit!

That's what M (age 4) kept telling her mother when she watched her sister (age 6 1/2) knit.

So when we all met (the 2 girls, their mum and me) at a LYS for 'social knitting' this evening, instead of working on my socks (I really want to finish SOMETHING for the Summer KAL-CAL), we got some Burly Spun yarn and size 13 needles. And you know what? the kid was right! She could knit!!

Seriously... she had watched her sister so intently that I barely had to guide her to get her started. She'd have the occasional 'this way?' when she was wrapping the yarn to make sure it was going the correct way, but other than that.... she could knit! And she was so excited and pleased with herself that she had to bring it to dinner...

knitting at dinner

Now I did notice that by the time dinner was over she had increased the width of her knitting by an extra stitch, but heck - who hasn't done that?!

So no knitting for me today, but another knitter has joined the fold and that's even better!

Happy Knitting
- JavaNut

Bailey says: How could you possibly find Squeak annoying? He's my favorite... well, except for the frisbee you won't let me play inside.


Cookey_knits said...

Cute... I know I was young when I started knitting, but thats when they learn best.

Kristin Saegaert said...

Amazing! Those little brains soak up everything! I can't seem to remember my knitting days! Do you remember teaching me to sew a shower curtain when we were roommates? I can't seem to remember how to sew either! I've got my mom's old sewing machine and plan to relearn again soon!