Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bailey knits...

Today was another hot day and on my way to work the radio indicated it would get to 102 - yikes! My house stays pretty cool (all relative) until about 3pm and then it's hot and stuffy until the temp drops in the evening...

So about 2:30 I had finished my meetings so I thought 'I'll work from home the rest of the afternoon so I can check on Bailey and if it's really that hot, give him a bath to cool down. Well, clearly he wasn't suffering from the heat... this is the sight when I walked in the door!

Now yarn left out in the open is fair game and a temptation I avoid leaving about... but this time the little stinker got into my knitting bag and pulled 4 skeins out for whatever game he played!! I was dying... I really wish I could have seen a video of his antics, because clearly he was having fun! And fortunately, as in previous incidents, no knitting or expensive yarn was harmed in the process!

Who can blame him - I like to play with yarn!!

Bailey says: I'm hiding in the jungle... momma won't catch me for playing with her yarn!

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