Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's hot-hot-hot!

It's still hot... and in case I'm too subtle - I don't like hot weather!! I'm incredibly grateful that it's not humid, but I'm more grateful that when it gets this hot I know it will only be a few days. That doesn't necessarily keep me from wanting to complain about it though.

There are several projects floating around in my head, but the inertia (I blame it on the heat) has me falling back to the Woodland Shawl.

1) I want to get it done, and 2) it's pretty mindless. I never thought I'd refer to lace as mindless, but this was such an easy pattern to memorize, that it's become mindless. I'm approx 75% done so the push to finish is strong...

I finally had a chance to take an outdoor photo of it - otherwise the coral color looks like neon orange. So here it is in its in-progress, pre-blocked state. The second picture shows the center row where I picked up live stitches from a provisional cast-on to make the shawl symetrica. Not perfect, but I like it and blocking will do wonders once I'm done. My modifications are in the notes of my Ravelry Project page for it (I also shifted the placement of a couple of YOs).

On a completely different topic... I bookmarked this post from Etsy on DIY Green Cleaning and finally got around to reading it. Some easy suggestions that I'll definitely try... as I finish up my existing cleaning products, I'm trying to 'clean green.' Take a look...

Happy Knitting
- JavaNut

Bailey says: I'm staying away from that thing that blows in my face!
Bailey under table

(however at last check, he was flopped down about 3 feet in front of the fan...)

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