Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday...

Whoo-hoo... I remembered to be thankful on Thursday! Which is a distressing realization that I need to remember. Not to get preachy, but my outlook on everything would certainly be better if I remembered to be more thankful in general. or didn't need to 'remember'... but just WAS more thankful. right?

Today... I'm thankful:
- that I can work from home tomorrow
- that Bailey didn't get into mischief when I left him alone for 3 long days in a row.
- that someone (even if he has 4 legs) is excited to see me when I come home even when I've only been gone 15 minutes
- that my tomatoes are ripe!
- that tomorrow is half-price day at Salvation Army and I can go look for thrifted linens for quilts

- that my company pays for the DSL that I'm using right now
- that Project Runway has started a new season
- that I have a seemingly endless supply of knitting to choose from
- that E considers me the "best godmother in the world"

Yep... life is good!
- JavaNut

Bailey says: Stop using that flash in my face!

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