Monday, January 23, 2012

Zebra Chair

After publishing the last post... I don't think I posted on the chair
I did last summer... she was beat up, filthy, chipped and the bottom was covered in packing tape (who knows why??). I got her for $10 at a junk store and figured she was perfect to try my hand at a makeover.

Distressed ivory paint and some brown and ivory zebra print - LOVE her!

Bailey says "I'm practicing for my photo shoot...

(and clearly I need to spend more time to remember how blogger works with photos and the html code!)

At least he's cute!

New Year, New "Resolutions"

Hmmm... well Jan is well on it's way to being over... I want to blog, but somehow doesn't quite happen. But I've been busy with small projects around the house... and learning some new art styles (more on that later).

Two small projects:
Wrapping paper storage...

I saw this on a blog somewhere (bad blogger, no credit to give!) - it's using kitchen bars from IKEA and curtain clips (also IKEA) to hang wrapping paper.

This is the inside of the cupboard under the stairs... PERFECT!

I'll pretend the remaining mess in the cupboard isn't visible ;-)

And then... this little chair was a beat up birch wood with a filthy seat... some fresh paint and pretty damask and this will be great behind the 'craft desk.'

Here's also my studio (to-be... I have yet to actually create anything in it but a mess!) - aka 'back room' or 'garage room' (since it's behind the garage).

I've started arranging and sorting things more times than I can count. But since this pic was taken, a large bookcase has been evicted from my bedroom and replace the tiny bookcase near the Yarn Hutch. Perfect and has 2 shelves of patterns and technique books and the rest chock full of art and collage supplies!

Ok.... it's a post. Not a a very interesting one, but a post...