Monday, August 11, 2008

Give Me Five...

After too many car-issues this weekend, my creativity and thinking skills are a bit low this morning which means it's time for Monday Meme!! Today's Monday-MeMe is Give Me Five (although this is last week's since she hasn't posted yet today!)

Give me Five Things you haven't done in a long time and would like to do again:

1. Take a vacation. I can't remember the last 'real' vacation I've had... for the last several years, all my vacation time/budget has been going to visit family on the east coast, or trips to Romania for conferences. And although I've LOVED every trip there and the people I've met, it's certainly not a real vacation... so other than a few long weekends... Where should I go???

2. Host a dinner party. or even a bbq, but just having people over for good food (well, hopefully), good wine (for sure!) and good company!

3. Get a massage. It's an expensive treat, but I even have a gift certificate so no excuses whatsoever!!! I have been thinking about taking my 4 closest friends to a massage/spa for my bday in the fall. Perhaps I need to 'test' a few different places before then ; )

4. Purge closets and general house stuff. I'm long overdue to purge thru stuff and throw things away/donate. It always seems like such a time-consuming and un-fun task, but once I get started it's great and I love getting rid of it all.

5. Go on a date. 'nuff said.

Have a great Monday!

Bailey says: Momma, I love my kong... But would you put a treat inside? Puh-leeese?

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