Saturday, February 16, 2008


I was supposed to work on a presentation for work today... Instead I had brunch at a friend's, had a long catch-up chat with K, went to the fabric store and cast-on the Unbiased Bag with yarn made from recycled Sari silk... it's been a good day!


I did a couple of productive things... bought paint to re-paint a bookcase that I'm moving from the garage into my studio room (tomorrow I'll actually start painting), and I finally took down my Christmas wreath... but truthfully, I did that because I needed a photo for the Flickr 365 Days of self-portaits. Here's my 365 Days Photo Set - it's been a fun project although I'm not very creative with my photos. I still need to learn to use my new camera so most of these are with my point 'n shoot.

Bailey's leg is healing and the bandages are off, but the vet says another couple of weeks without running and jumping. Not easy when the squirrells come into his yard! To keep him from licking a couple of sore spots (from the adhesive) he's now in a collar and is so confused by it. He's expending pent up energy with his mini-tennis ball... he sees it thru the clear collar, but can't actually get to it so keeps batting it around as he tries to get it. Self-entertainment at it's finest (if only he weren't racing around so much!) But hopefully it will mean for a sleep-ful night!

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