Monday, June 30, 2008

Texas Travels...

Half-way thru my TX trip... When one has a business trip to city A (in my case San Antonio) to which one really does not want to go, it helps when you have a friend to visit in nearby city B (in this case, Austin)! Seriously... getting to see E. was a silver lining for a trip that I really didn't want to take.

I haven't seen E in over a year, and that trip was to visit her when her hubby was in ICU after a horrific car accident - not the most pleasant of visits. So it was great to see her... no agenda, just hanging out, putzing around town and thinking of ways to decorate her new house. It's amazing how daring you can be when it's someone else's furniture, walls and windows you're planning!! Neon orange? Bring it on!

Sadly no pics because my camera died and I didn't want to bring my 'big' one... I really wish I had it. Austin is such a wacky and eclectic city - fun pictures that beg to be taken. I love the pride that Austinites have for their city and the goal to 'Keep Austin Weird' - you have to love a place like that. Even if it is stinkin' hot...

Very little on the knitting front... clicking away on the Woodland Shawl for the other E.

And I'm missing Bailey big-time. We had one quick photo before I left as the 'before' shot... alhtough I love his long and furry look, he's long overdue for a haircut so will have one while I'm gone.


I'll hurry home!

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