Wednesday, June 18, 2008

FO Frenzy

So it's been a frenzy of finishing objects around here... 2 felted bags are drying now so will have to wait for a post...

Two baby cardi's - the multi was done in a matter of days, the pink Picot was knit a year (maybe 2!) ago, but I just got around to adding the button and loop. How lame is that? Can get the needles flying to finish a cardi but can't be bothered to spend the 15 min to sew a button and chain stitch a few inches for the loop. totally lame!

A glorios scarf which can't begin to convey the silky softness through pictures... here's the IP photo (yes, I promise, it's actually done) because I love the way the 2 different yarns blend with the half-linen stitch)!. Purple + Yellow = PRETTY!!

CuriousCreek In progress

And the last FO for this post (yes, there have really been more!) is my third Carie Lynn bag... and this one is to keep... yay! I love the color combo despite my initial disappointment in not finding the perfect brown.

Isn't she lovely??

Happy Knitting!
- JavaNut

And Bailey (aka Yoga-puppy) says: You don't really expect to sit in my chair do you? You mean share?


Gnat said...

Yoga-puppy is awesome!! The Fos look great too. :)

Kristin Saegaert said...

Hi! I was so happy to see you blogging again!!!!! Here's my flickr meme:

Bailey is so adorable! Wish I could snuggle!