Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bailey meets Beach...

Saturday was the midst of a mini heat-wave here so was the perfect day to get away from the valley and get to the beach. My friend L and I took Bailey for his first beach trip to a dog beach in Santa Cruz.

He had fun on the beach, but frankly a game of frisbee ANYWHERE is his most favorite thing in the world. "What are you waiting for? Hurry up and throw my frisbee!":
Bailey-SantaCruz (14)

He met a new friend, Zoey, who quickly decided his frisbee was much more fun than her tennis ball...
Bailey-SantaCruz (21)

They had a great time together - until Zoey lost the frisbee in the surf. It was hilarious watching them - each time the water went out they would race and try to dig where they'd last seen it! Fortunately, we have a stockpile of frisbees at home - just didn't think to bring an extra with us.

On the knitting front, Voyager Stole is blocked and ready - however it was quite challenging to get a good picture without a model. Bailey offered, but it just didn't match his coat ; )

So here she is... the previously posted close-up of the lace shows the colorway a little bit better, but I wanted to take advantage of the daylight. I added 6 repeats to the length so after blocking it's a wonderful 21"x80". I love it... now to wait for the fall since the colors are such lovely autumn colors.

Happy Knitting!
- JavaNut

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