Monday, June 23, 2008

Voyager blocking...

Yes, finally - the Voyager Stole is blocked and drying. Pics and final measurements as soon as it's dry. I'm so excited to have finished... This is the largest lace project I've done and some of the nicest yarn, so I consider it a great accomplishment!! Now if only it were a better season to wear it...

shhhh. I have a secret... a different kind of project that M & I are contemplating. It could be a lot of fun and a whole new outlet for creativity. and a whole lot of things to learn about!! In the meantime I'm thinking about some designs for felted bags with the hope (and fear) that we go forward with it.

Too tired and too late to further swatch for a gift-to-be... so I'm going to call it a night and go listen to some new podcasts. Happy Monday!

Bailey says: But Momma, sometimes I like to sleep UNDER my bed.
Bailey-under cushion

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