Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thankful Thursday...

Prior to my blogging hiatus, I started the Voyager Stole in a gorgeous BMFA yarn. It's not quite done, but here's a peek. I was nervous that the yarn would compete with the lace pattern, but I'm going to love this.
Voyager closeup

Reviving the short-lived tradition...

Today I'm thankful that:
- unlike so many of my buddies in the She-Knits Ravelry forum, I have no risk of losing my job
- Bailey rings the bell when he needs to go outside
- in the midst of summer heat, the nights are still cool
- cranberry juice and sparkling lime make a great warm-weather drink
- I can enjoy the treat of a pedicure

Getting ready for the weekend and some Voyager Knitting!
- JavaNut

1 comment:

KrisW said...

I'm jealous...Bailey RINGS the doorbell to go outside? It's too good to be true! :) Also, thanks for the cranberry juice/sparkling lime beverage idea...I'll try it! :)

Kris in NH :)