Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's too d*** hot...

That's the song that keeps running thru my head with the record heat...

Yesterday hit 104 and today just a little cooler. Supposedly we'll be back to our blissful 78-82 by Monday... until then Bailey and I are in low-energy mode!

Ever successfully knit a shawl while trying to keep anything from touching your lap? Not easy and thank goodness it's laceweight yarn or I would have to surrender. But I'm determined to finish Voyager before the end of June so with some minor twisted sitting and draping over the arm of the chair, I've been able to keep the extra layer of warmth from touching me.

This morning I did take Bailey out for his first beach trip... pics when I get them from L's camera tomorrow. But he had a blast until his new friend Zoey stole his frisbee and lost it in the tide (the little vixen!).

At the moment it's pretty even temp between outdoors and inside (which means it will start to cool off more soon -yay!). But in the meantime, Bailey says: I'm just gonna stay in the shade.


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