Friday, January 18, 2008

It's not Thursday...

But I think I'm going to steal the idea of Beki from Artsy-Crafty Babe and start a Thankful Thursday posting. Beki posted "Gratitude Friday" but hey - I like the alliteration of Thankful Thursdays...

This isn't for those "Biggies" for which I'm thankful... my family, my health, my job... I AM thankful for all those things, but Thankful Thursdays are to remind me (and share with anyone of interest) those little things that make day-to-day life so good.

So today I'm thankful:
- that when I have 6:30am meetings for work, I can call in from home in my PJs.
- for the expanded world of crafty bloggers and etsy sellers that inspire me to try new things.
- for a fantastic bottle of Pinot Noir from McHenry winery!
- for my grandmother.

Ok, she counts as a 'biggie' but at 96 she amazes me.
She is active with her friends (bridge every day and bingo on Saturday), aware of current events (and at 96 you're entitled to your opinions!) and misses me when I don't call her each weekend!
This photo is from Christmas Eve at my mom's house... hard to believe that she's 96! As my only living grandparent, she's very special to me... not to mention that she taught me to knit!
Happy Knitting!

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beki said...

i think expressing gratitude any day of the week is wonderful! your grandma sounds awesome,how lucky you are to have her!!