Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Looky, looky - it's magic

I finally made the ever-popular Fiber Trends' Felted Clogs... I tried to get the pattern locally (support LYS ya' know), but finally gave up and just ordered it. As everyone else says - it's an amazing pattern, quick knit with double yarn, and they are HUGE before felting. But the magic of felting makes them a perfect fit!

They're a bit 'wonky' but that will work out with wearing... these were fun, but took FOREVER to felt. I'm used to one cycle thru the wash to felt bags and such... these were in the machine/agitation for just over an hour! But... it worked!

Happy Knitting (and Felting!)


Gnat said...

I've thought about making those. They look great!!

davis2118 said...

OK, that does it. I must get this pattern and make some.