Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Storm's over

Friday we experienced some amazing storms... hurricane strength winds, pouring rain - lots of damage and power outtages. I was incredibly fortunate and never lost my power - but as I sat working at my kitchen table I watched several large branches fall from my tree and many others blow into my yard!
The picture on the left is a dusk, still raining - you can't see any of my yard beneath the debris... but take note of the lawn across the street. NOTHING.
In fact my yard seemed to collect everything for the whole street... all the drought-resistant landscaping and small shrubs seemed to create a nice net to catch all wind-born debris... I didn't recognize 75% of the branches I cleared on Saturday morning!
On my New Year's To-Do list... still working on adopting "Bonnie" - a year-old Cavalier. Fingers crossed...

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gardeningknitter said...

Happy to hear you survived the storm. Hope you have the debris cleared away by now and that you had some help doing it. We had a somewhat kind of experience a few years ago and it takes a lots of work putting things back to normal. Keep the knitting and the java going.