Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year Splurge

On New Year's Day - L and I went to Full Thread Ahead in our PJs which got us 35% off all yarn! Whoo-hoo! It was a blast and fun to hang out with everyone in PJs. I brought home a larger haul than planned (which helped when I realized I'm going to miss Stitches West!). A GREAT way to start the new year...

And because I know you want to see it all...

2 skeins of sock yarn from Rio de la Plata. Yummy colors and at 35% off I just had to buy them both! (Maybe mom will get a pair of socks). The 4 balls of Cyprus Mohair will be an incredibly, smooshy-soft, 2x2 rib scarf for a friend (finally advance gift-knitting). Not shown are 3 skeins of Misti Alpaca lace for a Juno KAL.

I fell in love with the Syncopation bag and got a kit from One Fine Yarn... and then bought yarn to make another because I like the design so much I KNOW I'll be making this more than once!

And after searching 5 LYS for Fiber Trends' Felted CLog pattern, I finally just ordered it and here is yarn for 2 pairs! Blue is Cascade 220, and then there's enough of Cascades' Ecological Wool for a pair AND a Syncopation bag. I've never used this wool, but love the concept.

And the luxyury fiber of the shopping spree are these beauties from Curious Creek. They were already on sale so with the additional 35% they were 55% off. Who can resist that?!?!

The 2 on the left are an amazing silk/merion blend. And a half-linen stitch with the 2 colorways was GORGEOUS so they had to come home with me. I'm thinking a cowl-like, or short/wide scarf if I can get the linen stitch loose enough to drape well. The skein on the right is the Plum Thunder colorway and the photo doesn't do it justice. Project unknown, but it had to come home with me.

Now - will I finish anything before I cast on 5 more??? Let's see if I can keep up the finishitis instead of staritis!

Happy Knitting!

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jopal said...

Your new yarn looks fantastic. Just wanted to thank you again for the GREAT package you sent me for the Christmas Around the World Swap! I get sooo many compliments on the bags you made me! It was a wonderful package and helped make my Christmas a special one!