Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Let 2008 Begin...

Not that it needs my permission or anything... but well, ya' know - just trying to get my mind into the fact that it's 2008 and a new year is always a good marker for... well whatever you want it to be!

Sadly, the dog I REALLY wanted to adopt has a new home with someone else. But... still looking. I would love to get a Cavalier King Charles, but it's more important to me to get a rescue dog so we'll see who ends up joining my household.

But I did start the 365 Days project on Flickr today. I won't post the daily shots here every day, but it does seem appropriate to start with my Day 1 photo!
A perfect morning... new sheepy PJs, comfy couch, cozy blanket and big cup o' Java (I must confess it's always decaf!). And leaving shortly for a LYS - wearing PJs today gets you 30% off. How cool is that! Justification for staying in PJs all day!
Happy Knitting & Happy New Year!

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tiennieknits said...

Thanks so much for your nice comment on my site. I tried responding directly to you but your e-mail address doesn't seem to be working. Happy New Year!