Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Labors...

Yikes! Is it really September?? And has it been 10 days already since my last blog post??

sigh. yes and yes. But on the plus side, it's been a great 4 day weekend! Yep, took Friday off to enjoy an extra-long long weekend... and had a good balance of being productive, creative and social. Productive isn't worth sharing, but on the creative side (which is also productive, but just creative sounds so much better!):

I finished a second Dumpling bag! Such a fun pattern... these are both for Christmas gifts (LOVE having some gifts done already!!).


As much as I love the Dumplings, I'm happier to have finished these River Rapid socks for my friend L (another Christmas gift - whoo-hoo!). I hated knitting these... the yarn was too fine and a loose twist so why it was considered sock yarn is beyond me. Much more appropriate for a lace scarf or shawl... but it came in a sock-club package. Once started though, I was determined to finish. And I confess that the deadline for the Summer KAL-CAL was a good motivator (along with a 5 hour binge knitting during a Pride & Prejudice marathon!).


And a nice bonus was that both of these projects meet the 'Water' theme for this month in Project Spectrum. I love the idea of PS, but wish I had time to be more creative with it.. particularly with the Aug/Sept theme of Water and favorite colorways of purple, blue and black. But there's still September... I'm anxious to get back into some paper-crafting so PS would be a good challenge.

And finally, I also did all the prep work for a set of secret sewing projects... wish I could share more, but it's, well - a secret!

And now for the few remaining hours of the holiday weekend, Bailey and I are going to curl up and watch a bit of the Murder She Wrote marathon.
Happy Knitting!
- JavaNut
Bailey says: I'll help with the laundry!

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