Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Feet & Fear Be Gone!

Happy feet!! These Jaywalkers were actually the second pair of socks I ever started... over a year ago. No second sock syndrome for me... I actually knit the cuff and leg of sock #2 before they went to the black hole of my knitting bag (seriously... things mysteriously disappear and randomly re-appear from that bag!).

In my recent mission to finish up some WIPS, these rose to the top and didn't take too long. The only problem was that after languishing for 15 months... my new gauge is completely different. The first sock fits so well... the second, not so much! Oh well... they're done and will still be toasty in my boots and around the house this winter!

I'm not a big fan of Halloween (well other than the idea of chocolate and candy all around), but I love costumes. And it's darling costumes like this Gnome-on-a-Toadstool that make me wish I had kids... of course I'm sure they wouldn't want to wear something like this anyway, but it still makes me smile. I LOVED the Gnome books when I was young... the creativity, the artwork, the fantasy. I'm happy to say, however, that I have successfully avoided any semblance of garden gnomes!

And finally... I'm happy to say that 4 year old M has overcome her fear of dogs! Poor thing was charged by a large dog and has been terrified of all ever since. And who could blame her??! She desperately wanted to befriend my little guy... and sure enough, willpower overcomes fear when the object of desire is a cute as my little pup!

Bailey says: Momma, I like my new friend now that she doesn't run away from me. Can she come play again?

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