Monday, September 15, 2008


Jaywalkers were one of those patterns that took off and were seen everywhere... I finally jumped on the wagon and started a pair with some great Lisa Souza yarn and got half-way thru the second sock. Those are still stuck in a project bag...

Jump ahead to last month when I was a the LYS that I visit infrequently, but they have lots of BMFA and I wanted to knit another pair of STR socks (it doesn't matter that I have enough sock yarn in stash to knit at least 25 pairs of socks!). I passed over the Chapman Springs colorway until I saw them winding it for another customer and immediately had to get it for myself. They yellow in this yarn makes the purple and turquoise really pop!!

STR Jaywalkers
These beauties are for me!! I knit and frogged the first sock because it was too big, and even these are a little loose in the smaller size, but will be great for around the house or under boots.

But the only reason they're done is because of the Q3 challenge issued for the Year Long Gift-a-Long... I put aside baby gifts for my cousin (who is still waiting for baby to arrive - he's taking his time!) to finish these socks, just so I could complete the challenge... which does nothing but get me an entry for a prize that is a mystery at that! But what a fun motivator...

Does the chance for a prize motivate you? I rarely enter blog contests and such, but then I see others' posts 'this is the 3rd blog prize I've won in a row' and I think... well wouldn't that be fun!
Happy Knitting!
Bailey says: Not much would motivate me right now!

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