Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Madness...

Whew! What a day...

It started way too early when the pup got sick at 3am... he went back to sleep, but I of course... did not. yawn. Pup was pretty sick so took him to the vet... xrays, fluids, anti-biotics, anti-naseous meds and a large visa bill later, pup is home and starting to eat a little. YAY! (not so happy about the visa bill!!)

But I finally finished the Baby Poonam for my cousin's baby... T was born on Wed, exactly 2 weeks past the anticipated arrival. Fortunately everyone is doing well and this little sweater will be on its way to NY very soon. And with it will be a copy of my favorite children's book The Gruffalo.
Baby Poonam

He's the first of his generation so lots of excitement! Unfortunately I don't see them very often so I'm not sure when I'll actually get to meet the little guy, but his grandmother and I will certainly keep him well dressed in knits! Baby blanket is in progress and I'm already thinking ahead to Christmas knitting.

I'm still working on my secret sewing projects... temporarily stalled, but pressure is on. I need to have them done in less than a month, but I've got a business trip in the middle of all that. So now that Poonam is done, it's back to sewing (... tomorrow).

And since it's a Monday... we'll play a Monday MeMe!

Back In The Day
1. When was the last time you went to a playground and swung on the swings?
In July I played on the swingset with my goddaughter and her sister... but I was pushing. My other god-daughter took great delight in spinning me around in my Sky Chair last week, though!

2. What is the first TV show you remember watching as a child?
Not necessarily the first show I remember, but one of my strongest childhood TV memories is getting to stay up an hour later once a week to watch Grizzly Adams. I was going to name my children after his animals...

3. What's your favorite board game?
I generally prefer card games over board games, but I've recently resumed playing CandyLand with aforementioned goddaughters!

4. How old were you when you started school?
I remember talking to my pre-school teacher about the annual field trip. In my second year, I wanted to go feed the ducks with the younger class but she told me that was the field trip for the 4 year olds. Since my birthday was in October, I was still 4 (therefore started school at 3) and thought I should be able to go with them. She didn't buy it and I didn't get to go feed the ducks. Clearly it was a traumatic experience and only fueled my appetite for rational debate.

5. If you could have given any one piece of advice to yourself when you were a child, what would it be?
Just because you don't like the trampoline teacher, don't quit gymnastics.

Happy Knitting!

Bailey says: I'm starting to feel better, Momma... Where are my squirrels?


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