Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bravo! Bravo! (spoiler alert!!)

Usually I'm more of an HGTV-junkie, but tonight was a jackpot on
Bravo... Excellent entertainment while catching up on all my email overload.

First up - Project Runway! This episode had the designers creating an outfit for a recent college grad entering the workforce... Jerrel won with this outfit and I must say, this pose is less than flattering - it was definitely a winner and they will be in some ad in Elle magazine as an episode prize. Well done, J! (sadly the rest of the competitors really missed the boat on this one...)

Next... Top Design! I find the judges on this show pretty annoying, but love the show. This week, they were designing a window display for a Project Runway designer!!
There were two fabulous windows and two disasters... Kerry, aka Big Daddy, went home based on this horror. Frankly, I think his partner-in-crime, Wizit, should have been sent home, but Kerry took the hit...

Now that my inbox is relatively caught-up (ha!), off to spend a few minutes to work on the original Jaywalkers that have been sitting in a project bag for over a year waiting for the second foot. Now that I've got my STR pair done, I want to finish the first pair (funny how that happens... my head considers it a competition so fair's fair!)

But then again... my cousin had her baby today (2 weeks late) so must not procrastinate the sweater for little T. Front & back are done.. just needs 2 little sleeves and a few seams. It was/is a fun pattern (Baby Poonam), but for some reason it was put aside (I had nothing to do with that of course... it put itself aside. really.)

Saturday... I'll finish it on Saturday...
Happy Knitting!
- JavaNut

Bailey says: Can I have more treats in my kong, please?

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