Tuesday, December 4, 2007

New Sights...

It's been so long since a post... not for lack of knitting or other creative endeavors, but I loaned my camera to my visiting house guests and haven't had a chance to 'borrow' it back to take pictures of my projects... not that I've had much time for knitting in the past few weeks!

L & C are visiting from Romania. I've been trying to get L here for a visit for 3 years now... she just finished her first year of medical residency and it was a happy surprise that she was able to get a visa. C is here on her first vacation in seven years. She's had a difficult summer so this trip was a much needed respite. They're here for a month and it's truly been an experience of a lifetime for them.

We've been taking them all over the Bay area, introduced them to every ethnic food they could imagine (and then some!) and everything else we can think of... Here are a few pics from our recent adventures. It's been fabulous weather for November/December!!

Santa Cruz & L at Monterey... I love living here!

Lisa, C, me & L at Mt Tamalpais
Lisa, C, Vio & L from the top of Mt. Tam's East peak

Happy Knitting!

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