Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A few FOs...

I've been working hard on some Christmas Knitting...
Two pairs of Fetchings for coworkers. I never saw much use for fingerless mitts (living in California might have something to do with that!), but recently our team's admin at work was commenting on cold hands and how hard it was to type. She even mentioned bringing in old gloves and cutting off the fingers! So... that made for an easy project.

I used Malabrigo for the first time... WOW! my new favorite yarn! I liked it so much I got another skein to make another pair for a coworker who has circulation problems and her fingers often turn white when it's cold. She has long, thin hands so the brown pair is slightly elongated.

And finally... my second Clapotis. I never posted my first one... the yarn was a beautiful bamboo in different purples. The drape was amazing, but too 'drapey' for the pattern. This is with a lace weight merino. If I were to make Clapotis again I would use fingering, but the lace weight absolutely worked. This was given to one of my Romanian visitors - I hope she likes it!

Happy Knitting!
- JavaNut

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