Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My Sock Stash Overfloweth...

I told myself that I can't cast on anything until I finish at least one of my socks (and thereby free up a set of sock needles, too). I did finish my Clapotis - yay! I made it with bamboo yarn from Yarn Palace and although I LOVE the way it drapes (photos soon), I don't think it was the best yarn choice because of the drape. Perhaps I'll make it again with something else since it's such a great pattern when I want to knit something that doesn't require much concentration.

My hope is to finish one pair of socks today... then what to cast on next? More socks? I just did inventory of my sock yarn and have 28 pairs-worth. Yikes! So more socks would be good. But I'd like to knit something for my mother's birthday next month - she wouldn't wear any socks. I'm nervous about her sizing for a sweater until I can measure one that she likes to wear (a task for my next visit). Living in Florida means there's no need for scarf/hats/gloves. And I don't think she'd wear a shawl... hmmmm. Good excuse to go browsing thru my pattern books!

But first - I'm off to make "American" pancakes for my summer guest. Alina is a university student from Romania who is here for the summer to work and see California. And one of her first requests was "will you teach me to make pancakes?" What a great way to start a holiday!

Happy 4th of July!

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Sheknits said...

Sorry you missed the deadline...there will be another KAL CAL when this one is over so keep checking! I would love to see your bag when you are done if you post some pics let me know.