Monday, July 23, 2007

Creative Storage Solution!

I've been thinking about a design for a circular needle case for a while... just haven't gotten around to actually making it. What I want is a cross between the 'notebook' style of the KnitPicks binders (not very pretty), and the plentiful handsewn cases in various Etsy shops (or from my own sewing machine).

I discovered that the clear plastic sleeves for DVDs are a great size... I was just working out how to turn that into my ideal circ case.

Then I was at my local Staples and found this... an 'expandable file' for CDs/DVDs with an elastic closure. And only $3.99! What a bargain! I think I may have to go get a second one... perhaps a third!

And it comes with stickers to put on the little file folder-style tabs - perfect to label size and length for each pocket!

I love repurposing things - what a bargain!
- JavaNut

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Sheknits said...

Faboulous re-purposing idea. ...honestly what a great idea. Thanks for the suggestion on feltinps for a podcast...I am going to try to do that in one of the next episodes.