Friday, July 13, 2007

A different WIP...

Well in the midst of the final finishing steps of a few projects, I thought I'd post about a different kind of WIP! I've recently re-moved back into my house after living in Mississippi/Louisiana for 18 months (working with school systems in Katrina-impacted areas!). And in returning, I've turned what was a guest room into my "project room" - for knitting, sewing, bookmaking, etc.

I'm so excited to have a dedicated space for whatever creative mood hits me... But right now, it is definitely 'in progress!' I've repainted - two different-colored walls, and the rest of the room is a bright white. I found a great cubby-style bookcase at IKEA - bottom cubbies for patterns and books, the rest for yarn (silly me thought I might actually have some room for fabric there, but I haven't even brought in the yarn from the garage yet!). I'm going to build some shelving and a work surface in the closet for my printer, paper-cutters, etc..

The colors are much 'brighter' - light, without being pastel-y. I can't wait to get the closet built out and organize all the 'stash 'n stuff.' And I'm still on the search for the perfect fabric for a valance and to re-cover a parson-style chair for the desk.

If anyone has other great knitting/sewing/craft rooms or nooks -what has worked for you?

Happy Knitting -

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