Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday Morning Progress...

Sadly I was waiting for some 11th hour work from a contractor and which became 24th hour delivery... so was up until 12:30 last night. I try to limit the amount of work and work related email time I spend over the weekend, but this was unavoidable.

The silver lining was that I made some good progress on a bag while I was waiting (and caught up on some TiVo watching, too!). The Bag is the Mitered Squares bag from Bag Style.

And last week I also finished the booties for the "Green Fizz" baby set. They're done with Cashsoft DK and are super soft and very stretchy. A baby will be able to wear that hat for LONG time!

These were done with the Grape Fizz pattern from babyknits Hats & Booties: 15 Sets for Noggins & Tootsies.

And for non-knitting, I'm starting the re-decorating process for my guest bedroom. It's a completely empty room now and I have my plan-for-the-plan. Now I just need the time!!
I am going to make the duvet cover with the swirly print as a center panel and the chocolate brown on the sides/back. The other print fabric will be for a valance and possibly a pillow or two. The next crucial step is paint... (and those are only some of the color samples). One wall will be chocolate brown (matched to the brown fabric), and the other 3 will be blue. That's the hard one... I was hoping for something to match the blue in the fabric, but was going to get only half the pigment in the paint to keep it lighter. But I'm having a hard time getting it right, so I will probably just get the blue paint matched to the fabric as well. If it's too dark/bright, I'll just put a white glaze over it or something.

I can't wait to get the painting done - hopefully this weekend. And since the room is empty, I'm going to go ahead and replace the base board and add crown moulding.
This weekend I also got my pal for the Christmas Around the World Swap. This is my first so I've been slow to get into creative planning for the swap, but now that I know my recipient I can't wait to plan a fun package!
Happy Knitting!


Kristin Saegaert said...

oooo I love those room colors! Please come decorate my rooms!

And the booties and hat is gorgeous!

anthony said...

I would be very happy if you come to swap gift with us!
have a nice day!
Mama from France
Swap gift communauty and friends