Friday, October 12, 2007

The Miters are Bagged!

Whoo hoo! Finally finished the Mitered Bag from Bags, A Knitters Dozen... As I feared, despite 3x thru the wash (and a wonderful felted fabric resulted!), it's still much larger than I'd planned/hoped. But I still like it and perhaps it will be a bag for larger projects instead of the intended purse!
I modified the pattern a bit. I hate seaming & weaving in ends so this was much better and I liked the changes... the only design changes are that the stripes on the gusset blend into the stripes of the mitered squares which I like A LOT better than random striping up the side. I also made a single shoulder strap instead of two side handles.

Therefore instead of eleven pieces (and tons of ends), I had only FOUR pieces.

Pattern: eight squares, gusset, two handles

Mine: two 'upper' pairs of squares with gusset between them, 2 bottom corner pair of squares with side/bottom gusset and I knit the shoulder strap from live gusset stiches.

I love the way the gusset continues the stripes around the sides and bottom of the bag!

Also, I used Lion Brand wool - took significantly more yardage than the pattern called for (duh!). I had to get a second ball of the dark brown and light blue (although didn't use too much of them). Some leftovers of the light brown and white and I used the dark blue until it was gone.

Now that the bag is behind me I've started the Secret of the Stole. The 2nd chart was released today, but I still have about 15 rows of the first one. Not too far behind, but we'll see how well I can keep up! I love the Zephyr yarn and the beads are a perfect complement, but I wish they were bigger. I thought the dainty beads would be nice, but they get lost. Oh well - next time I'll select better! (as all lace - so ugly before it's blocked!)

TGIF & Happy Knitting!

- JavaNut


StarSpry said...

Very cool bag! I like the alterations you did :)

Yarn Thing said...

Very CUTE BAG!!! I totally love it!

I have a sketch for one similar to it to hopfully go on the website someday!



Sheknits said...

I love this bag it is really really striking. You did a fanatastic job.