Monday, October 15, 2007

It was calling my name...

Despite numerous projects on my needles, I needed to cast-on something that didn't require focused attention (how did I end up working on 3 lace shawls at the same time????)! I had a kit for a bag I've loved since I first saw it from She-Knits and although I intended to save my 'knitting-for-me' until later... yeah, right. who am I fooling?

I knew it would be a fun and relatively easy knit, but who knew it would be so addictive? All that's left is the panel for an inner pocket, a little seaming and some hot water! Sadly it will probably be the weekend before I'll be knitting again. I hate it when the day job creeps into the evenings.
Happy Knitting!
- JavaNut

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