Sunday, October 7, 2007

Miters without end

Still working on the Mitered Bag... it seems to be without end! My hope for this weekend's knitting was to finish the bag and another project in order to clear the decks for the Secret of the Stole and another lace scarf I want to make.

BUT... this bag is HUGE! I didn't check the gauge when I bought the yarn. It was all about the colors (of course), and it's not like a bag has a fitted shape. When the yardage was off and I had to buy more yarn I should have clued in... but honestly, it wasn't until I sewed the four pieces together that I realized just how big this thing is.

I wish I'd made the top border wider, but hopefully that will become a compact edge once its felted. The whole bag is in garter
stitch - I haven't felted garter stitch before so this will be an experiment. I REALLY hope it shrinks up as much... both for the texture of the bag and to make the size more appropriate. Right now it's 24" wide when it's flat!
But I love the colors and the miters, so if it's too big for the intended recipient, I'll certainly enjoy it. There's no such thing as too many bags!
Hard to believe the weekend is over and getting ready for another full week at work...
But for the moms out there - here's a great laugh with Anita Renfroe!
Happy Knitting
- JavaNut

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Dipsy Doodle said...

You're absolutely right - a girl can never have too many bags, no matter if they're small or big! ;) And yours is going to be particularly awesome - I love how the colors in the mitered squares go along together! Looking forward to seeing more of it! Happy Knitting!

Dipsy D.