Friday, August 10, 2007

Siren's Shawl...

I wanted to find a lacy, but warm, and most importantly - quick!, shawl to make. After searching through my binders and books, I randomly grabbed a copy of Knit Simple (Spring/Summer '07) and immediately opened to this pattern for Siren's Shawl. Perfect!

I cast on with Cashsoft 4ply and am praying that 3 balls is enough. The yardage is sufficient, but it's a different gauge. I would have bought a 4th for insurance, but there were only 3 in stock at my LYS. Fingers crossed!

It is a wonderfully simple pattern. 9-stitch, 4 row repeat. And every other row is straight purl. And of the pattern rows, they are the same stitch pattern, just off-set by one stitch. ONE STITCH PATTERN to remember... that's all!! It had the potential of being a quick knit. HAD the potential.

For whatever reason, I can't seem to keep it straight and for every 4-6 rows, I end up frogging a couple. I am so annoyed with myself, but at this point, I still like the pattern. Really. Even if by the time I finish I will have knit 2x as many stitches as there are in the shawl! Really...

Good thing I really like the feel of Cashsoft - I'm going to be feeling a lot of it before this is completed and the Siren's call will be answered!

Keepin' on -


Anonymous said...

That lace pattern looks great in that soft green.

Marisol said...

Wow this is really very pretty! Thank yo so much visiting and posting about this on my blog. I must have a closer look at the pattern while researching for my ISE 5 pal. I'm intrigued:)