Monday, August 6, 2007

Decisions, Decisions...

What to work on???

I'm battling the call of Icarus (and in all honesty, really want to have a picture to post here!) ...

The new socks I've just cast on - they will be embossed stich from More Sensational Socks, but haven't even finished the ribbing on the first cuff.

Finishing existing stocks (Jaywalkers, Monkey, Widdershins)

Re-starting the Landscape purse - which I frogged back to the hemmed edge. I love the pattern on the bag, but frankly it's so incredibly, annoyingly fiddly to work to get the colors to line up the way they are supposed to to get the right design. So I frogged. I hate that. But I hated the knitting process for the Landscape bag more. I'm thinking of knitting it without worrying about the color patterns and perhaps do it in Jaywalker stitch pattern... So now I'm anxious to test that for appearance.

And now I'm also wondering if I could possibly get 2 lace shawls knit within 6 weeks for gifts. They don't need me at work, do they?

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