Wednesday, August 22, 2007

She-Knits for Purse Ideas!

One of my favorite podcasters, Sharon of She-Knits, is having a fun contest. Sharon's been great at keeping her listeners aware of different contests in knitting blogland, and now she's hosting one herself.

She's asked for suggestions of bags/shapes that we'd like to see in a felted bag. I love the shape of this bag on eBags.

If you have other suggestions, send them to Sharon.

In the meantime, on the bag front, I have completely frogged the Landscape purse back to the starting blue hem/edge. Although I still love the design, it was so incredibly 'fiddly' to knit I hated the knitting (and bent 3 dpns trying to loosen stitches to get the colors to line up correctly). Current plan is to knit the same approximate size & shape, but use a modified Jaywalkers' stitch pattern.

Happy Knitting!
- JavaNut

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Sheknits said...

Thanks for the metnion- I actually was reading the post above nad then caught my name! Tha Lanscape purse looks pretty, was the pattern itself difficult or you just don't like the kind of knitting it calls for? Also, could you point me towards anything that would be a good blocking tutorial...I have never blocked and need to learn. Of course I could always just google it, but thought I'd ask what your reference is.