Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nuts for November

October was tough. I'm ready for a new month and love the start of cooler weather.

And the goblins are gone... yippee! I love costumes and the excitement of kids at the prospect of trick-or-treating, but I'm not a big fan of Halloween in general. It's a dark holiday and although most of the celebrations and such are in good fun, it's still a bit creepy (and sometimes disturbing!) to magnify things that have nothing edifying about them. Don't get me wrong - I'm not the bah-humbug sort, but I'm far more entertained, encouraged and excited about Christmas decorations and lights down the streets.

I did enjoy my extra hour of sleep last night... it was much needed and I wish there were more where that came from. Seriously - how cool would it be to have an extra hour for more than one day. Just as long as it doesn't change the 'daylight' hours. The downside of that extra hour is trying to get Bailey's walk in before it gets dark!

Still thinking about that extra hour... looking at the clock I realize that no knitting tonight if I want to try to get started on catching up at work. Very few stitches for me this weekend, but at least I can post my progress from the trip to China.

First up is the Piper Purse... just waiting for handles and fabric for a simple lining. This isn't a bag I would have chosen to make (although I love cables!!), but a friend gave me the pattern book for my birthday and immediately pointed this pattern out... So Christmas gift for her is almost done.
Piper Purse IP

This is sock #1 with as much done as I could with the one ball I brought with me. Clearly I should have checked the yardage because the ball only has 137 yards! Fortunately I was able to find a 3rd ball at my LYS (the orig 2 were a gift). The foot is a bit big so I'll frog back to the heel and decrease a bit before knitting the foot... Sock #2 has a cuff and leg - about to do the heel. Hacho Heel
This is the first heel I've made that isn't a heel-flap. I don't really like the way the heel flap style fits so tried this after-thought technique... maybe next pair will get a short-row. It will be interesting to compare how they each fit.

sigh. 48 hours until the election will be over... I can't wait! I'm tired of all the campaigns and I've never been so tense about election results. My pastor said it so well this morning, that regardless of which candidate you support, the country will be disappointed because we expect a quick fix to decades of problems....

I've voted already and am ready for the rest of the country to do the same. Make it count!

Bailey says: Momma, this is how I'm spending my extra hour. OK?

tired pup

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