Monday, November 17, 2008

Looky, Looky - I won!!

CoggieTM had a contest for her Ravelry anniversary... and I won one of the prizes!! I was pleasantly surprised when she asked me for my address... and delighted when I got home from a brutal day at work and found a wonderful package waiting for me!


The highlight is the Malabrigo Sock yarn in a gorgeous, teal semi-solid! Also was a great journal and soap... not pictured are the edibles (hmmm... I wonder why?? but yes, that's my wine glass in the corner!!). She included a package of Skittles and some fun gold-rock chocolate. And a button with my Ravelray ravatar... I'll save that for Stitches West! Thanks so much!!

Saturday was a fun mail day, too... I received my second package of mini-balls that I've swapped with others in the Ravelry Blankiemania group. What fun!!


And, my addiction to mini-balls is escalating... see these minis all ready and waiting for the next swaps... half will be off for a December swap and then I think I may host one myself in Jan (and might even start my blankie by then...).

But even without an actual blankie-in-progress, the mini-skeins are a fun distraction to all the chaos of work, and the lack of actual knitting... I'm still amazed that it's almost Thanksgiving and how much I have to knit if I'm going to get all my planned holiday gifts completed. (i.e. not a chance!)

So back at 'em...
Happy Knitting!
- JavaNut

Bailey says: Momma, I'm just going to wait until you're ready to play fetch. Could you hurry, please?

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