Monday, June 28, 2010

Slowly growing...

I've been slowing making progress on various house projects... always slower and later than expected, but progress nonetheless. But none are in the state of completion, so a more interesting project for "in-progress" is the veggie garden!

I was very late in planting anything in my new raised beds... partly because of my crazy travel all spring, and partly because we had such icky weather. And I kept the garden to the basics since it's all an experiment for these boxes. They get some sun, but not a lot... although I think they get more than I realized. So we'll see how everything goes this year and I'll have a much better plan next year.

The tomatoes are growing... but just starting to see some little yellow flowers. I have some heirloom (large and cherry-size), some "sweet 100s" (my favorite cherry tomotoes) and some "regular" but I can't remember which variety.


A baby cuke!

And the first beans I've ever planted... bush beans that apparently don't need to be staked!

Bailey is more interested in barking at the neighbors' dog than what's growing!

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