Friday, March 26, 2010


Can it really be the end of March already? How did that happen???

Oh yeah, business trips to Delhi, Beijing, NY and now I'm with family in Florida...
I think there are some photos on my camera that I was going to post, but forgot the cable.

But I've been meaning to post about a few food blogs I've started reading, and when I discovered an old post on one about 5 meals, 17 servings from one chicken... it seemed absolutely worth sharing! Oh, and it was only $26. The bloggers write a blog called Cheap, Healthy, Good. It's a more recently blog-discovery so I've only been reading it for a few days, but absolutely worth checking out.

Two other food favorites that feed my bloglines are well known Smitten Kitchen and Our Best Bites. But the one that I've "known" the longest, and liked so much that I bought her cookbook for myself and 3 friends, is A Year of Slow Cooking - a year's journey of daily use of her crockpots.

Now... off to order chinese for dinner!

P.S. Anyone watch the pilot of Jamie Oliver's show about changing the food served in schools? I don't remember the name, but I couldn't stop watching and thinking how grateful I was I didn't have to eat in a school cafeteria. And that I don't have to work with women so stubborn and resistant to change. Good luck, Jamie!

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