Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stitches Haul...

It's been such a long time since a blog update, and the accounting of my Stitches haul is a sad catalyst. But then again... it was way more fun than the endless waiting to find out if my offer on a house has been accepted.

We didn't take any classes, just went to the Market, but still more sensory overload than imaginable... and fun!

I only succumbed to unplanned temptation a little... everything else was purchase with specific patterns in mind (sadly some of those patterns are still in storage).

My Stash Enhancement:

Stitches stash

From left:
- front - multi-color dk weight for baby sweater
- back - Noro Silk Garden Chunky on closeout and add'l discount from WEBS (this was one 'slip' but I think I'll make a wrap of some kind. I love the colors and feels wonderful!)
- Light blue Goshen to make a short sleeve sweater - evidence that enticing samples can encourage more sales!
-Back purple - to make Sofia. This might not work... I didn't like the yarn they used, but need something 'fluffy' because it's a bulky gauge but shouldn't be a heavy yarn. I'm hoping there's enough mohair in this to make it work.
- Multi-purple in front: My other project-less purchase, but it was ridiculously reduced and I think will become a cowl or scarf
- Latte colored (sounds better than beige) is intended to become Debbie Bliss' Silver Belle from Vogue (it's Valley Yarn's Deerfield)
- front handpaint sock yarn will be used in my Sock Yarn Blankie and then swapped for others
- light green is more of the Deerfield and is intended for the Angelina Vintage Jacket from White Lies Designs
- multi-coral colored hank in front is Duet from Brooks Farm and will become a simple, open garter stitch wrap
- and finally the 2 bags of Rainbow are for Hatfield Diagonal Sweater (w/ add'l green for edging)

Whew! Majority of the purchases were from WEBS. They had 10 booths worth, are incredibly nice and for the sweater quantities (which was my main intention), good prices.

I've begun my Hatfield... the blending of the 2 yarns created much different look than I was expecting, but it's a good lesson in color theory and dominant colors! I do like it though and since the yarn is held doubled, it's been going pretty quickly. I've done one front panel and half the second front already!

Bailey says:
Momma, can I play with L's yarn? Pretty please?
Yarn Fiend

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Joni said...

oh that is a stash enhancement to be envied! Sounds like it was a great fiber market. can't wait to see the end products!