Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm homeless...

Haven't posted in a while because it's been INSANE around here the past 2 weeks. Crazy, crazy, I tell ya'!

As the title states... I'm now homeless. Well, technically not until Dec 30th... but essentially (and definitely emotionally), I don't have a house anymore. It's both exciting and overwhelming... in this crazy market, I sold my house. Still looking for a new one... which although increases the pressure, it's definitely the right sequence. But it does make one, well... homeless.

I take some credit for the expediency of the sale... my home is wonderful. It's a great floorplan for this size house and a good sized lot with a very nicely designed patio (if I do say so myself). And all the 'little things' I've done over the last 10 years have certainly made a difference. Particularly when I compare it with all the houses I've been looking at the past few weeks (and it's been a lot!). But my realtor made it happen!

And did I say it happened quickly? I mean REALLY fast! I met with him one weekend - for him to get a sense of my house and we went to look so I could get a sense of what was out there.
- the day before Thanksgiving I signed the contract to list it
- the following Wed we had it on the MLS
- then we had open houses Sat & Sun
- I signed the contract to accept the offer on Monday (I even had more than one)

Now the insanity of the plan for moving, probable storage, etc... and of course, finding a NEW HOUSE! (not to mention the work/job thing...)

So if any of you were looking for a house in the bay area - this is what you missed (and what I will miss!)

I love the big tree in front...

and my red kitchen...

which really isn't like a dollhouse...


And the most-recently done guest room...
Guest room

I'd take the swing with me if I could bring the bougainville with it...

My long-last hobby room (which was NEVER this neat)

And I would normally not post a bathroom, but there's a really funny story about this one and I don't want to forget it!

Sigh... I'll miss you, little-house.

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Gnat said...

Good luck finding your new house! The pictures are great! I miss the bay area!